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Our "MultiPoint SHIPPING ADVANTAGE(TM)" - Many of our products ship from several locations, some as many as 7, so we offer THE BEST savings on shipping possible in the USA today.

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Welcome to AkuaFoil Full Color Foil, the best place for high quality, low priced foil cards & stickers.

AkuaFoil offers traditional stamped foils and the world's first full color foil and stickers.

We print on business cards, wallet cards, plastic cards, trading cards, bookmarks and postcards. Shine up your business' image with foil accents. Standard foils vary by product type and some come with an extra charge:

Gloss Gold Foil
Matte Gold Foil
Brushed Gold Foil
Rainbow Gold Foil
Hologram Gold Foil
Satin Florentine Gold Foil
Gloss Silver Foil
Matte Silver Foil
Brushed Silver Foil
Rainbow Silver Foil
Copper Sheen Foil
Orange or Dark Copper Foil
Blue Foil
True Blue Foil
Navy Blue Foil
Dark Blue Foil
Teal Foil
Red Foil
Purple Foil
Pink Foil
Hot Pink Foil
Green Foil
Black Foil

AkuaFoil Full Color Foil stamps foil on different substrates including on uncoated and coated carstock and faux and true silk laminate, matte and gloss laminate, sticker stock and plastic.

AkuaFoil Full Color Foil products are printed from 12pt. to 30pt. substrate thicknesses.

In addition we can die cut to any shape or size, we can add numbering, variable data, perforations, hole or lanyard punches, Kontrast(tm) coating (spots of super high gloss coating next to matte coated areas) and much more.

Don't see what you want, just ask.

Foiling is a perfect compliment to silk or matte coated cards. The silk or matte are smooth and offer spectacular Kontrast(tm) to gloss finish highlights.

We are also excited to announce AkuaFoil, the world's first Full Color Foil cards and stickers. AkuaFoil, in brief, is translucent full color inks over silver foil, with or without our grUVy(tm) super shiny top coating - spectacular! Further, the super shiny top coat can be whereever you want creating Kontrast(tm) between matte and shiny areas - brilliant! Now you can easily have multiple foil colors without an extra charge.

Finally, at AkuaFoil, we offer an alternative to foiling with PMS gold and silver inks on silk or matte cards for a more understated shine.

At AkuaFoil Full Color Foil we are also able to take advantage of our "MultiRadius SHIPPING ADVANTAGE(TM)". Many of our products ship from several locations. So we offer THE BEST savings on shipping possible in the USA & Canada today.

We look forward to becoming your foil card and sticker supplier. If you have any questions or concerns, or are in need of a custom job, don't hesitate to email us at FullColorPrintings@gmail.com or give us a call at 216.227.8521.

We have clients in New York (NYC), Los Angeles (L.A.), Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas (DFW), Boston, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Cleveland, San Diego, St. Louis, Denver, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Portland, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Orlando, Columbus, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Providence, Salt Lake City, Greensboro, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Austin, New Orleans, Louisville, Grand Rapids, Hartford, Memphis, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City and we deliver to all points USA.

And we now also serve all of Canada including: Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton, Quebec City, Brampton, Surrey, Halifax, Laval, London, Markham, Gatineau, Vaughan, Longueuil, Windsor, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia & Saskatchewan.